We spend 9 months preparing to come into this world connected to our mothers. We then cling to others for survival. It is not a mystery where our innate need for human connection originates. The mystery lies in the cultivation of the idea we can do it all on our own.

I have longed for independence from a young age. When I was in third grade I came home from school, sat my parents down and told them I was moving out. I wanted to build a small house next to our house that my dog and I could live in. My dad and I spent the next summer building my “fort” which has a striking resemblance to a shed. We put in a bunk bed and my dog and I lasted about 4 nights. My wanting for independence never left, after high school I moved to Portland to make it all on my own. This was not successful either. I learned I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed a community of support; which my family offered me for far away. I would not have survived my first year on my own without the love & friendship of my childhood best friend who moved to Portland at the same time. Without the love of my personal support community I would not have seen many beautiful places in this world, be on track to graduate in a few weeks, have a job lined up, or be thankful for every day I have. But I am still independent enough to stand on my own two feet for what I believe in and set my own goals and dreams.

I have found we need a balance of dependency and independence in our lives. Finding this balance is a tough trial; the key is learning from failures.

Lean & stand at once,



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