It is amazing the clarity we get when we remove ourselves from a situation; to be completely impartial to yourself. To take a deep breath and be on the outside looking in is a funny thing. Perspective is a weird feeling. What do we do with this new found sense clarity? Do we run? or embrace it? If we run, we can run fast, but the sprint is all down hill. Embracement is an uphill climb. What are we more deserving of, Mt. Everest or the Dead Sea? We know how high we can get, where our lives can take us. 29,029 feet. We do not know what awaits beyond the Dead Sea. the deepest deapths of the down hill sprints are unknown, any ugly thing could be stewing at the bottom of that Ocean. The unknown pitfalls are not always to be explored. Climb. Look up with your new found perspective.

Keep climbing,


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