Flipping a coin for God.

Sometimes when I do not know what the fuck to do about a decision. I flip a coin. I say a really sweet prayer to God. Then, I flip. It is always best two out of three. I assign one decision to heads and one to tails. I like to think that God has control of this coin and will point me in the direction …but that probably does not have the slightest bit of truth in it (although, I am still hoping that it is).

Right now is one of those times that I am having my coin-flipping-God-help-me moment. I am so torn about what to do, what decision to make…it is a small decision but could have extrapolated consequences; possibly good, possibly sucky. I talked to my best friend and to my mom about it all day, they are both on either sides of sending this text message (oh yeah, that is my small – but not – decision, hopefully my fellow millennials reading this are in solidarity with me).  The coin says, “send it”. but I continue to write this post instead of sending it… I am scared of the outcomes, I am scared of the timing. But I said a prayer and flipped my coin of fate, so should I just take a leap?

Is it unreasonable to trust in chance? Can we live by doing that? Even if we know it’s silly.

Flip away,


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