The Gym. My Body.

I do not go to the gym so others can judge whether my body is worthy. I do not go to the gym so others can decide whether my body is fit enough, sexy enough, or if my ass is too large or my waist too small. External validation of my physical body is not needed. My body is an amazing vessel capable of many things. I stand naked in front of the mirror every morning (and sometimes at night too) and tell my body how beautiful, strong, and amazing it is. This does not mean my body is perfect. I praise my body for all that it is; not shame it for what it is not.

Exercise for me is not about the calories I burn, or how much weight I will lose…so I can look hot for other people. No. Exercise for me is about loving my body and feeling satisfied knowing the strength my body can endure and the miles it is capable of running. And even though that is only 2, it is okay with me. My body will improve. But right now, for me, it is worth all the praise and glory I give it because it has taken me all over the world and it enables me to achieve my dreams. I am thankful for this physical embodiment everyday.

Love Yourself.


Some Pinterest inspiration.
Some Pinterest inspiration.

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