Today at DFSO

Today I had a client return, hooray! When a client comes back for a second clothing appointment it means she has obtained a job. The first appointment is pre-interview for interview clothes. The second appointment is for five pieces of clothing to wear on the job. In this case, my client has two jobs! She will be working at two retail companies. It was very exciting to see her again; the mood was just different, she was no longer nervous about being unemployed. However, now that she is employed she needs to work out what her two kids will do when they aren’t in school. When we were finished with her appointment I connected her with one of the directors to help her find assistance in after school programs for kids.

Through a lot of my volunteering I reflect about how fortunate I was growing up, and how I still am. My mom worked two jobs through the time I was in elementary and middle school. However, my dad was also there when I got home from school. My parents were extremely present in my life, and they had the summer off, since they are teachers. My client is a single mom; the father of her children is not in the picture. Since she has to provide the entire income for her family, this takes up the majority of her time, and she misses out of crucial time with her kids. I am very thankful for the time my parents were able to spend with me, but sometimes I feel guilt, knowing the children of some of my clients may not get this same benefit.


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