Today at DFSO

Today was my first day on my own! My first client was a mother of two, who had recently gained weight. She was extremely distraught by this, she said she has never struggled with her weight before and that none of her clothes fit her anymore. Which was sadly apparent. I reassured her that she looked great; I am a full supporter of being body positive. While we were shopping she was reluctant to look at clothes in a larger size, I told her that the number on the tag doesn’t mean anything. That no one would ever see that number or know expect for herself, and if she looks great in it than it doesn’t matter. We ending up finding phenomenal outfit and by the end she was no longer talking about her weight, but her fabulous new clothes. I hope I helped to give her a little more confidence today, I know it can be discouraging to gain weight and not fit into your clothes. This can be especially discouraging when you are already in a vulnerable place and need to make a good impression on an interviewer.

With my second client today, I was reminded of the struggles to be a woman. While I was helping my client find an interview outfit, I realized her bra didn’t fit. I asked her if she knew her bra size, she had no clue. Its hard to fit women for bras at DFS, even though the majority of the clients need them, the donations of undergarments are slim. I was determined to find one for her. I went through our drawers out on the show room floor and in the back “inventory” room full of donations. I found five that I thought would possibly fit and luckily, one of them did! On my drive home I reflected on this experience, something so simple like a bra can be the difference between feeling confident and vulnerable. It’s a little piece of clothing that I take for granted often. This is a struggle men don’t have to deal with and many disadvantage women do. I am thinking of how to do a bra clothing drive, we’ll see if it works out.


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