I first learned about YikYak in my Social Media & Cultures class. One of my peers read allowed “Yaks” that my fellow peers at my university wrote. Most of them were derogatory, hateful, and straight up fucking rude. Give people anonymity and I guess that’s what you get. Yik Yak’s slogan “ Share your thoughts and keep your privacy on Yik Yak.” Like an anonymous twitter to everyone in your surrounding location.

There have been many issues with this app (and not the gliches all the techies talk about). A few reasons you should #ReleasetheYak

  • This Albany football player is facing charges after making threats to blow up his university…that’s what we need more of in this world.
  • Principals want it banned from schools. The app claims it has blocked the app at high schools…but that is false. You can see some of the heinous posts here.
  • Even FoxNews is calling it the most dangerous app.

“A private high school in Massachusetts experienced a 24-hour onslaught of ugly rumors and comments about students and administrators. School officials had to plead with the students to stop using their smartphones to ravage the self-esteem of others.”

The image for the #ReleasetheYak movement

If I haven’t convinced you why we should purge the app, maybe this man can. Or those who have taken to Twitter with the #ReleasetheYak. The hashtag movement urges individuals to delete the app and rid the negativity that comes with it. Sororities are attempting to ban the app and help positivity flourish.

I challenge you to delete the app and #ReleasetheYak!

Positive vibes,


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