An Ode to PDX

This is my senior year of college, in May I will graduate with my BBA in Accounting. I grew up in the 49th state, but my last four years in Portland have been amazing. I have come to feel at home in this city. The eclectic, PNW city is one that has shaped my adult life and helped me feel secure in my skin. Four years ago, was insecure and stuck in a gray area with my high school boyfriend who I had broken up with to start my new life in Portland.My best friend and I moved here to gain an education and experience something new. In Alaska we were social butterflies, partying every weekend, in Portland our weekend consisted of bingeing on a massive amounts of VooDoo Donuts and food from the commons at my school…we not-so-conveniently gained the freshmen fifteen.

 To say the least I wasn’t the greatest year of my life, but somewhere during all of that four years ago I started to learn a lot about myself. I put myself into a white area with my high school boyfriend and I can’t remember the last time I heard from him, I started to care about my education, my autonomy, and I found the courage to label myself a feminist, an identity that has been apart of me from a young age. I have met some awesome people in this city who have helped me to learn so much about myself, and I found an amazing church that helped me to foster my faith, my best friend was even baptized there. The city itself stands for individualism and community at the same time; and for eclectic self-expression.

Thank you Portland. Thank you for helping me to come into my own skin, learn about myself, and to love myself. I am not who I am four years ago, and thank God for that.


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