Today at DFSO

Today was my second day of training. Instead of shadowing another trained volunteer, a trained volunteer shadowed me to just see how I was doing and give me pointers. My client today had a chest tattoo that her older brother gave her when she was 13 years old. She talked a lot about how much she hated it and how she was worried it would ruin her interviews. I assured her we would find something other than a turtle neck to cover it up. This thing that happened to her chest when she was 13 had impacted her life and her professional self-confidence. I assured her it was nothing to worry about, as I have tattoos myself, the world will have to get used to them as they become more mainstream, but I made sure she knew I understood where she was coming from and wanted to help. I wanted to help her find an interview outfit to restore some of this. We ended up finding a suit that fit her perfectly and tying a scarf around her neck that covered the tattoo. Because of her tattoo we ended up giving her a few scarfs so she could cover the tattoo whenever she needed to or wanted to no matter what she was wearing. The smile she was wearing when she left has made the rest of my day much better.


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