Today at DFSO

Today was my first day working out on the show room floor at DFSO. I was training under someone who has been volunteering there for years, basically just shadowing her, giving my input on our client’s outfits, and learning about the processes. I learned a lot from my trainer today and it was so interesting to hear all of her stories about volunteering at DFSO. She told me about a time a client just started weeping while completing their exit survey about how to personal shopper did. She said she was so nervous and thought she had done something to offend her client. When she went to apologize, her client hugged her. She said they hugged for about a minute as her client wept. Her client said she had never been given such kind, loving attention before. The story is still resonating with me as I write this. It’s amazing you can have an impact on a complete stranger. How would it feel to never be given the love and attention you deserve? I certainly have no idea, my mother has always been supporting and loving and done everything to help me reach my goals no matter how crazy they seem to her. How would I ever have been able to succeed without the constant love and support of my parents?

I plan to keep this in my mind with working with my clients. To remember that their struggles are far different than mine and they are dealing with an unfair hand of cards. I plan to show the women I meet compassion and care. Hopefully, I can provide enough to give them confidence to succeed and let them feel safe and not judged while doing so.


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