Dress for Success Oregon

Today was my first day at Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO). I went in for a two-hour orientation along with two other women. The Volunteer Director Bethany Rocci led the orientation. We received a full overview of the national organization. While the DFS organizations around the U.S. are affiliated they do not work within a network or receive national funding. Each organization raises their own funds; DFSO holds power breakfasts, an annual gala and auction, and bi annual closet sales to raise funds for their organization.

DFSO provides professional clothing, hair and make-up services, and career center services that include resume, cover letter, and interviewing assistance, as well as job search support. However, most of all DFSO provides confidence to disadvantaged women, through these services provided. These services are a catalyst to give their clients confidence to succeed in the labor market. Many of these women have lived hard lives and had many struggles to overcome, DFSO is a place to love these women and show them kindness and support.

During my orientation we toured the career center and learned about their processes. However, I will be working as personal shopper and clothing organizer when it’s slow. I got to see the floor where all the clothes are and meet a few clients who were with their personal shopper. I am really excited to get involved and volunteer for DFSO. I am passionate about their mission and the women they help. I have two training days, and then I will be on my own!


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